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    Community Involvement

    We are passionate about supporting the communities where our employees?live and work--reaching out to?those in need and seeking to enhance the well-being of people and communities.

    Giving Programs

    We are passionate about supporting the global communities where our employees live and work--reaching out to help those in need and seeking to enhance well-being of people and communities.

    Ecolab Associates in St. Paul, MN volunteer for Habitat For Humanity

    Through our Community Relations Department, we provide opportunities for Ecolab employees past and present to give back and become involved in programs that focus on education and community partnerships.

    Ecolab product help those in need in Argentina
    In-kind Giving

    Ecolab donates cleaning, health and sanitizing products to areas affected by natural disasters, working closely with organizations on the ground to supply only what is needed, to ensure nothing goes to waste.

    Community Giving Program logo
    Community Giving Program

    Giving to our communities has long been an important part of Ecolab’s goal of helping to make the world cleaner, safer and healthier.

    Apply for a Grant

    Ecolab funds programs to promote youth development, affordable housing, work readiness, crisis assistance, hunger relief, environmental learning programs and arts education among many others. Learn how to apply for a grant.